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Court and Tribunal Hearings Service Roll-Out Continues

Court and Tribunal Hearings Service

HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) has a multi-year programme of updates called the Reform programme. Part of this programme is the rolling-out of the Court and Tribunals Hearings Service, envisioned to become a centralised online listing website for all hearings across the HMCTS estate. The intention is that eventually, the Court and Tribunals Hearing Service will be a single, consistent platform on which all lists of hearings will be published. It will be integrated with List Assist, which is the judicial tool for scheduling hearings and allocating hearing rooms, also being developed during the Reform programme.

At present, the current iteration of the Court and Tribunals Hearing Service provides information about Civil and Family Hearings in five 'early adopter' County and Family Court hearing centres - namely, those at Milton Keynes, Oxford, Reading, High Wycombe and Slough. The Service also displays listing data for Single Justice Procedure cases in the Magistrates' Court, including TV licensing and minor traffic offences such as speeding.

The Service has been publishing Single Justice Procedure pending lists since July 2022, and began publishing the five early adopters' Civil and Family lists directly from List Assist in April 2023. HMCTS has stated that it aims to publish all Civil and Family lists from List Assist on the Service by the end of 2023. Thereafter, work will begin on integration with the Common Platform, used in the Criminal Courts.

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