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Renters' Reform Bill: Delayed?

The Renters’ Reform Bill is yet to return to Parliament for its second reading in the House of Commons. Recent media reports have carried the news story that the second reading has been delayed until 2024. Reports have suggested that a target of June 2024 has previously been set for the Bill to receive Royal Assent. Concerns have been raised that the possibility of a general election in 2024 may scupper the progress of the Bill and ultimately prevent it from becoming law.

The proposed Bill abolishes the current section 21 Housing Act 1988 route to landlords obtaining possession of a tenanted property on a so-called 'no fault' basis. It also amends and expands the possible grounds for possession under the current section 8 regime.

Members of 25 Canada Square Chambers have plentiful expertise in housing law. The developments - or lack thereof - will remain of interest to Chambers and stakeholders. Chambers will continue to monitor the progress of the Bill.

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