Our Expertise



Counsel at 25 Canada Square Chambers regularly appear in insolvency matters, acting for Creditors, Debtors, Insolvency Practitioners and Official Receivers. We are regularly instructed to attend final hearings and have a proven track record in obtaining favourable outcomes for our clients. Our Counsel are equipped to deal with the most contentious matters and are able to provide specialist advice where required.

25 Canada Square Chambers prides itself on providing the very best representation throughout the Country, contact our Clerks today to discuss your case. 


Counsel at 25 Canada Square Chambers advise on all aspects of personal insolvency, inclusive of Bankruptcy. Personal insolvency is one of 25 Canada Square Chambers' main areas of specialism and our Counsel attract a substantial number of instructions within this area. 

These instructions include applications within insolvency proceedings, such as setting aside statutory demands, as well as opposing and obtaining final bankruptcy orders.



Commercial Insolvency

Our Counsel are able to advise on a wide range of commercial insolvency matters. Our Counsel regularly appear at hearings of Winding Up petitions in the High Court.

We are also able to advise and provide representation in applications to restrain Winding Up petitions or the advertisement of petitions.



Types of hearings we attend

Our Counsel are available to provide advice and representation in the following hearing types.

  • Applications to Set Aside Statutory Demands
  • Applications for Substituted Service
  • Applications to Annul Bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy
  • Creditor and public interest winding up
  • Change of carriage
  • Extensions of Time
  • Individual and company voluntary arrangements
  • Interim Insolvency Applications
  • Setting aside Statutory Demands
  • Restraining advertisement of a petition
  • Restraining presentation of a petition

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