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Lender Services


Lender Services

Counsel at 25 Canada Square Chambers regularly appear for major Lender Service clients. Over the last 10 years, our Counsel have received thousands of instructions from industry leaders through a number of major law firms. Claims arising from motor finance and Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) agreements comprise two of the most significant practice areas for Chambers.

We have experience and expertise in Mortgage Law, Consumer Credit and all aspects of the enforcement process. Our Counsel are equipped to deal with the most contentious matters and are able to take on cases from initial possession hearings through to contentious Fast or Multi-Track trials, providing specialist advice throughout.

Our strong foundation in Civil Litigation makes Counsel at 25 Canada Square Chambers the number one choice for major lenders and FTSE 100 clients. 25 Canada Square Chambers prides itself on providing the very best representation and nationwide coverage. Contact our Clerks today to discuss your case.

Motor Finance Claims

Counsel at 25 Canada Square Chambers have extensive experience in claims arising from motor finance agreements. Motor finance claims comprise one of the largest areas of specialism for Chambers Members. Often such proceedings are brought based on the commission arrangements during the sale of the vehicle, whether a broker is involved in the transaction or not. Those arrangements may have been either "half-secret" or "fully secret".

Counsel regularly attend both interim and final hearings in these proceedings, and have an enviable track record of success in securing the desired Track allocation and final outcomes for clients.

Our Members provide regular online updates regarding the developments in this evolving area of law.

Defended PPI Claims

Counsel at 25 Canada Square Chambers are leading experts in defending PPI-related claims in County Courts across England and Wales.

With Lenders seeing an increase in these type of claims for further redress under the 'unfair relationship' provisions of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (CCA), Counsel are well-versed in the arguments pertaining to whether a PPI policy was 'in scope' of the unfair relationship provisions of the CCA, the latest arguments and case law pertaining to limitation, and if in fact the claim had been been compromised following redress being paid in accordance with the FCA’s methodology.

Drafting and Advice


Our Counsel are regularly instructed to draft Particulars of Claim, Defences, Replies to Defences and Scott Schedules. 


Our Counsel are regularly instructed to provide written and informal advice at the early stages of proceedings and are well-versed in providing advice on case tactics as the proceedings progress towards trial.

FTSE 100 Clients have commended our Counsel's abilities to steer the course of litigation and advise on case strategies.

We provide advice on liability, quantum or prospects of success in a wide range of Civil Litigation matters including contractual, construction and complex professional disputes.

Debt and Consumer Credit Act proceedings


Our work covers all aspects of debt litigation, including banking and financial services, consumer credit and commercial debt recovery.

Our practice covers drafting Statements of Case and attending the initial proceedings through to enforcement of judgments. We have substantial exposure to financial litigation work with Counsel having experience within in-house legal teams of major commercial banks.

Consumer Credit Acts

We provide specialist legal services for agreements covered by the Consumer Credit Acts, with vast experience in such proceedings. Our Counsel are regularly instructed to provide advice on the enforceability of agreements and the optimum route for recovery of assets and satisfaction of judgments. 


Mortgage Repossession

Counsel at 25 Canada Square Chambers are specialists within the mortgage repossession sector; we understand the importance of experienced Counsel when it matters most.

Our Counsel are well-versed with our Clients' regulatory obligations, inclusive of the Financial Conduct Authority Handbook Rules and Guidance. 


Types of hearings we attend

Our Counsel are available to provide advice and representation in the following hearing types.

  • Applications to Restore
  • Applications to Set Aside
  • Costs Hearing
  • Directions
  • Fast Track Trials
  • LPA Receiver Applications
  • Multi-Track Trials
  • Mortgage Possessions
  • Mortgage Applications (Suspending Warrants)
  • Possession Hearings
  • Restoration of a Money Judgment
  • Review Hearings

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