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Chambers Members judge NTU Moot

Chambers Members judge NTU Moot

Two barristers from 25 Canada Square Chambers - Chris McGeever and Ashleigh Keily - were pleased to judge a moot at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) on 23 May 2023.

NTU, also known as Nottingham Law School, hosted the event, which featured four mooters addressing a mock scenario in the Court of Appeal. The moot took place in the fully-furnished mock courtroom, a facility which lent itself very well to creating the atmosphere of a real-life hearing.

The moot scenario related to an appeal of a first-instance decision, in which judgment was awarded to the Respondent/Claimant for unpaid parking charge notices. At the moot's conclusion, the judges' unanimous decision on the law was to grant the appeal of the Appellant/Defendant on both grounds. Firstly, the appeal succeeded on the basis that the first-instance judge had erred in failing to consider the evidential significance of the Appellant's evidence at trial regarding a telephone conversation which arguably had the effect of fundamentally altering the contractual terms between the parties. Secondly, the appeal succeeded in its challenge to the overly-high value of the charges.

25 Canada Square Chambers congratulates all of the participants in the moot for their well-made submissions: Matthew Gundel, Wei Wen Yeap, current NTU student Neil Rawson, and Aaron Tate.

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